Aloha! We are the Mayberrys!

Most days you can find us with a camera in our hands, probably crying at weddings, or enjoying our favorite hiking trails here in beautiful Hawaii. We are extremely passionate about our work and love serving couples and families who are looking to capture the story of who they are. We enjoy the lasting relationships we have with our clients that are the overflow of the moments collected and shared with one another.

Husband and Wife Team

Danny and Leigh Anne here,
a husband and wife
photo & video dream team!

It is such a blessing for us to capture a couple’s unique story, and we would like to share with you a bit of our own.
I’m Danny, your lead photographer. I enjoy running marathons and eating pumpkin pie (in that order). I am also a former Corpsman. After twelve years of service and three deployments as “Doc” with the Marines, I found photography as a way of coping with my return from the battlefield and continuing my care for others. My photography style is bright, fun and candid!
And I’m Leigh Anne, your lead videographer. I may be pint-sized, but I still can pack a punch! I started martial arts when I was five years old (to fulfill my dream of becoming a Ninja Turtle of course) and it is still a huge part of my life. My passion for video began as I documented the places and people I encountered during my travels.

Fun Facts

Lemonade is our drink of choice, we love all things Disney, and we got engaged after 5 months of dating. Interested in knowing more? Get to know us better below!


1. When I was younger, I wanted to be a cartoon character. For now, I am a voiceover artist, which is a good start.
2. I joined the Navy one week after high school and served as a Corpsman for 12 years. I deployed 3 times with the Marines, 2 to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq.
3. I am terrified of heights. Well, more so of falling from them. Even when I see other people too close to an edge, I get anxious!
4. Exactly one month before our wedding, I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. I broke both wrists, but convinced the doctor to take the casts off the day before we got married.
5.  I ran my first marathon in 2017 and am now training for ultra-marathons! My goal is to complete a 100-mile race!

Leigh Anne

1. I’m pretty small – I am only 4’10” and a half! With my childhood ambitions of being a ninja, I see it as a plus – helps me be stealthy!
2. I am a 4th degree master black belt in the martial art of Tang Soo Do. In August, I will be joining Team USA for my 3rd World Championships in London!
3. I have an irrational fear of large birds – swans, peacocks, and a recurring nightmare about being chased by an ostrich.
4. I almost didn’t survive our engagement – I was very sick and was rushed to the hospital, 6 hours away from total kidney failure. Danny took such great care of me and a few months later I got to marry him!
5. I got my start at the Travel Channel Academy in New York City. I created nature and travel documentaries before diving into the wedding industry.

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